Kindle To PDF Mac

kindle-to-pdf-macKindle to PDF Mac is one of the best Kindle to PDF Converters for you on Mac. It helps you to convert Kindle to PDF easily on Mac operation system.

Kindle to PDF Mac can recognize different types of Kindle Books automatically, such as MOBI,AZW. It also can optimize every kinds of files and convert them to standard PDF files. When you want to convert files, you can get the PDF files by clicking the mouse. Meanwhile, there will be almost no difference between the new PDF files which are created through Kindle books and the original Kindle Books.

The reason why this tool has these advantages is that it can recognize all the built-in elements of Kindle Books automatically and convert them to standard elements of PDF. On Mac operation system, this software supports the conversion between common formats, eg: AZW to PDF, MOBI to PDF.

Kindle to PDF supports all common Mac operation system versions as well, eg: Mac OS X 10.3/10.4/10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8 and the future version. During conversion, this software will save the new ebook to a new content, therefore, you don’t need to worry the original files will be lost.

Kindle To PDF for Mac

Kindle To PDF for Mac

How to convert Kindle to PDF On Mac

1. Download and install Kindle to PDF Converter for Mac.

2. If you haven’t downloaded or installed Kindle for Mac, click here to download and install. After installation, you need to use Amazon ID to register Kindle for Mac software.

3. Most ebooks can be converted directly. If you find some of your ebooks can’t be converted, you can try to download these ebooks again to your computer via Kindle for Mac.

4. Because the default Kindle Books will be kept in a hidden folder, the easiest way to add Kindle Books is to click the menu “File” – “Add Kindle Books”. The software will recognize and read all the available Kindle Books automatically, and you may also find the Kindle Books in the below folder.

Mac OS X: “~/Library/Application Support/Kindle/My Kindle Content”

5. Run the software and click “Add” button to add the ebooks you want to convert.

6. Click “Start” button to convert. The whole conversion process takes little time. Then, click “Open” button to find the new ebook files when the files have been converted.

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